10 Artists for Your Holiday Shopping

I love to think of Christmas as election season. In a market economy, how you spend money is as powerful (or more so... yeah bummer) than how you vote. Each year I reflect on the kind of world I want, and which places are most in aligment for me to spend money. If an Art World is part of your vision, these ten artists are a great place to start. I own a piece by each of them, I love their work, and know you will too.

1. Paula Nelson/ Whoa Nelson!

Number one on this list is the oldest friend on this list. I've known Paula since High School Art Classes. Watching her career explode has been such a treat. If you love dreamy renderings of everyday objects, landscapes, food, pop culture and more, hop over to her site and nab one of the few paintings left in her store. She gifted one of her gorgeous oils of lemons when my studio Lemon House closed last year, and visitors to our house always ask about it.



2. Gerardo Rodriguez/ GrZ1985


Gerardo is as laid back and approachable as his colorful artwork. I have an original ink drawing from him, as well its print that I plan to gift to someone very special one day. His playful Monster Series is perfect for your fun-loving friend. Recently one of MY fun-loving friends inquired on a piece by Gerardo for his home remodel. His work is a great compliment to a mid-century modern house... in my opinion of course.



3. Sean Petrie/ Typewriter Rodeo

Sean Petrie, founder of improv typewriter troupe "Typewriter Rodeo" has estimated that's he's written over 30,000 poems in his career so far! If that sounds nuts, keep in mind he creates dozens if not over a hundred poems at one his improv events. We have one on our fridge that he wrote after we moved into our first home. I'm still astounded he created it in probably less than a minute or two. His most recent book of Pet Poems is the perfect book for the pet lover in your life. Even better, it was illustrated by the next person on my list...



4. Amanda Hoxworth/ Spatterful Chaos

Take one look at Amanda's Etsy shop and you'll see why Sean immediately roped her into his poetry project. Her art of animals is mesmerizing. I personally have a bunch of her stickers, and highly recommend you stock up for all the kids and young-at-heart adults in your life. Do my 80's friends remember Lisa Frank? Amanda is the next... and cooler... Lisa Frank. 


5. Dan Grissom/ Biscuit Press

Looking at Dan's screen prints make me feel the same way I feel in his presence... calm and tapped in to something cool. The way he sees the world shows up in his pieces, and the fact that he prints work himself in his garage studio makes it all the more special. This piece pictured: A Secret Place, is in our son's room. I also have his enamel Baller Pin on my bag, and people ask all. the. time... where I got it. 


6. Lys Santamaria

Lys' work is the one exception on this list, I don't own any of her beautiful, hand-crafted pieces because alas... my ears aren't pierced. I've literally considered getting them pierced simply to own one of her beaded beauties (truly)! Her work isn't the mass-produced beaded stuff you see in many tourist shops. These are intricately hand-stitched and take hours to make. They are made to last and an investment in your jewelry collection for a lifetime.



7. Sari Shryack/ Not Sorry Art

Sari (pronounced Say-ri) has heard her name mis-pronounced enough times that "Not Sorry Art" was born. There's nothing "sorry" about her vibrant paintings (surely I'm not the only one to use this phrase). Her rubber tree paintings are a personal favorite, followed closely by her 80's mall series. These works are usually LARGE y'all. You'll find something for everyone in your life, poppy still-lifes, colorful neighborhoods, brilliant disco balls, and much more. 


8. Connor Teseny

I have this exact etching in our home and it's probably one of my favorite pieces. There's something about the feeling of this composition that makes me feel incredibly at peace. When I took it to get framed, the folks at the art store asked me about Connor. He doesn't have a website (I love that), so message him through his Instagram if you'd like to order art. He posts his animal inspired prints regularly.


9. Elena Knapp

When Elena gifted me one of her watercolor florals I was over the moon. DEEPLY value when an artist gifts an original. Originals take tremendous amounts of time, love, and energy. They will grow in value as the artist continues to produce work. A gift an original is a gift of love. Visit her site, and you'll also see her bread and butter... calligraphy. Elena is quite in demand for wedding invitations, as her hand-lettering is stunning. I'm unsure if she has items for sale right now, but she is an artist to keep an eye on this coming year.


10. Kara Pendl of Karacotta Ceramics

I've gifted this ritual dish with one of Kara's ritual pops to many of my first time home-owning friends because it is a hit absolutely every time. These hand-made beauties are hand-glazed and painted with 22K gold. They come in a variety of colors, and are the perfect thing for people looking to bring fantastic energy in their home. Check our her other pieces while you're at her site, or if you're in Austin, at the Austin Airport and east-side Whole Foods. 

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