Art with Jeremiah

This Friday at Art for the People Gallery, Jeremiah Hurta and I will be showing our "Collaboration" piece for their Scene Builders Exhibition.

The founder of the funky South 1st gallery, introduced me to Jeremiah two years ago because our illustrative style was so similar.

We have a surprising amount of things in common:

Both of us took classes at the University of Texas. We have taught art. We love crystals (although Jeremiah knows quite a bit more than I do), we love to doodle, fusion styles of music, and micron pens. More often than not, we prefer to sit down with a pen and see what comes forth from the subconscious. 

 A little known fact about AFTP: They're a non-profit funneling a portion of profits towards organizations that assist artists on the streets of Austin make a dignified income.

Jeremiah is one of those artists.

When we met he was camping in the Greenbelt. With assistance from Art from the Streets, Art for the People, and Mobile Loaves and Fishes Art House, Jeremiah lifted himself out of the Greenbelt and into an apartment with his partner. He's now making art and being prolific as all get out. In the two years I've known him, I've marveled at his positive attitude and work ethic. I realized early on I could never keep up with amount of work he sends my way.

Jeremiah picked this piece to work on together because 1.) I think he likes getting me to try new things with him (I'm notoriously bad at sticking with what's familiar), and 2.) He suggested my tendency towards swirling rainbows would be a good fit for the background. I instantly agreed with him!

I'll be in Tahoe doing some art at Wanderlust this week, but Jeremiah will be at the opening! Might I suggest if you attend, that you introduce yourself. He is incredibly sweet and will emphatically talk about art with all who are interested. The only thing that makes his eyes sparkle more than working in his studio, is finding out one of his pieces has found a new home. 

I feel very fortunate that I was introduced to this inspiring human. He has overcome a tremendous amount in his life, and I'm a better more interesting person for knowing him. We're aiming to work together once a month. Stay tuned for future collabs.


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