Peace is Now-here

Years ago, I ran across the phrase sprayed on the side of a cement pillar: 

"Peace is Nowhere."

As I glanced it over, my brain auto-corrected it to:

"Peace is Now Here."

It stopped me in my tracks. How fascinating it was, that baked into a word that literally means "In or at no place" was the phrase that means "In or at this place."

Peace is Nowhere sounds like a dramatic thing to spray on a parking garage, but it's not off-base. We've built a world that profits off people existing in a low-grade state of stress. Agitated people spend more money. Agitated people need more stuff. Agitated people don't have the energy to create waves. In this model, peace is bad for business. Glance at social media, the nightly news, or the line at the store, and you can see the hum churning: "Buy me, listen to me, engage with me, love me, need me..." 

Peace does seem to be nowhere, and on its face that seems depressing. Yet the tiniest space bar can transform our world.


Where is the space bar in a system like ours? Modern life offers less space than ever. Especially at holiday time. Even alone, we carry millions of people in our pocket. Space is the new treasure.

As a maker, one reliable place I find space is blank paper. I don't know a single artist who doesn't experience some version of peace when making things from a place of spaciousness.  I also find "now-here" in other people's art. The right song at the right time of day can bring me back to myself. An artfully created meal with loved ones restores equilibrium once again.

Art is the space bar. NOW-------HERE.

This little mantra is giving me warmth this holiday season. It reminds me I am a space bar away from peace at any time. The tiny sketch is inspired by one of my favorite peaceful places of all: West Texas at night. I suspect it's not an accident when peace seems to be nowhere, we often go to places in the middle of nowhere, and there in the vast space we find now---here---ness.

Nature is the space bar. NOW-------HERE.

What is your space bar? Happy Holidays ya'll. The Museletter Drawing is available for the rest of the month at a gift rate from our standard fine art prints.

Much Love,

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