Drawing Takes Courage

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I’ve had students tell me they almost didn’t take one of my classes because it had “drawing” in the title. Can you relate? I sure can, and I’ve been at it my whole life. Drawing is spiritual work. If you’ve ever taken a Drawing class and bounced immediately: 1.) You’re not alone (I’ve done it too). And 2.) Give yourself a break and try it again another time. Drawing is (in my mind) akin to starting work with a counselor. It can’t be rushed peeling back the curtain. But once you’re ready... the transformation is next level. If you want to check out my style of teaching, you can request a link to join my private class network, The HeART School, by emailing admin@borrel.li. If you are interested in dipping a toe into drawing again, join me in my on demand virtual art workshop starting this February, Intuitive Drawing!

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