How to be an Artist in the Equinox


Before Braeden was born, a dear friend told us to ask every nurse we encountered during our hospital stay for their best baby advice. The nurse that wheeled me out of surgery into recovery gave my favorite tip:

"Everything is temporary." 

This is a tip for another type of birth... Spring! Here in Austin miles of wildflowers are born along Texas Highways. We are reminded of the fleeting nature of everything. Winter is labor and contractionSpring is going outward, have FUN and soak in the sun. On the Equinox coming up at the end of March the light begins to lengthen. It's when Mother Earth celebrates the fruits of her labor. It's time to rejoice and bask in the warmth of accomplishment.

Ironically, if the culture has a hard time honoring Winters of contraction, it has an even harder time honoring the Springs of expansion. An example of this, is what almost all new parents face after building and birthing a human. With a young babe, during arguably one of the most important Creative, Springtime/Blooming seasons of their lives, the culture requires most of its families to reside in an endless Winter.

Back to work for you.

Perhaps you know about this in your own life. Did you have a gigantic six month project at your job that you absolutely slayed? What did you do after? Take six months to rejuvenate? Hardly. Not a job out there would agree to such an arrangement. Were you chronically ill for three years, and after treatment took off another three years to recuperate? Ha! A true Springtime is still viewed as blasphemous in a capitalist economy, but the artistic message of the Equinox is clear:

To violate time for play and fun is to violate the natural order of artistry.

How does this affect you? What happens when you aren't allowed to bloom, rest, drink in the sun and rejuvenate? Not for two weeks. Not for even a few months. We need Springs that last as long as Winters.

No wonder why try as you might, you are always tired. Self Care as you might you are always stressed. Spend as you might, you feel as if something is missing. Do you blame yourself for these things? Artist friends, you are not lazy. You are in an endless winter, and this is not Alaska.

When I look at bluebonnets in Austin I think of Ladybird Johnson's iconic sentiment when she began the Texas-wide planting of wildflowers:

"Where flowers bloom so does hope." 

You deserve to bloom too. You deserve hope too.

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