I Love You So Much

Valentine's Day is almost here. Not everyone gets excited about this holiday. Still, it's an excellent reason to celebrate all forms of love in our lives. 

One day awhile back, I was texting in a Home Depot parking lot. A man approached asking for change. I was stressed about work things. I tersely grabbed a $5. I shoved it his direction. Even in my distracted state I felt the sting it sent. He took it. I kept texting, icing out the encounter, as many of us do. 

As he walked away, I felt him pause. I looked up. I saw him smiling in my rearview mirror...We locked eyes. Tucked inside the money had been this sticker. The awkwardness melted. He nodded and walked on.

It left an impression on me. This isn't meant be a humblebrag. I was a total jerk in that encounter. The sticker was the save. How do little pieces of art change things? 

This particular sticker has power, even when I've tried to retroactively gift it with a disclaimer. Once I left my water bottle at the gym. A fitness instructor saved it, and returned it the following week. "This is so cool" he said, motioning to the sticker on the side.

I pulled one out of my wallet and handed it over. I pointedly added: "I hope it's not awkward. I don't know if giving these out sends the wrong message." (Hint: You're great but this isn't flirting.)

"Oh no, not at all." he replied. 

The next week he (still) asked me on a date. 

I awkwardly declined. "I have a partner...."

His confused face still cracks me up when I remember it. (But you gave me an "I Love You so Much!")

That's the power of gifting relative strangers some love. Even in vinyl die-cut form. How might we all benefit from having little bundles of love tucked into our wallets? 

In celebration of love in ALL forms, the "I Love You so Much" sticker is back in stock, and marked down 40% for the month of February. Get one for yourself or stock up so you can (accidentally or intentionally) share them with everyone.

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