Introducing: The HeART School

HeART School

When I taught Elementary Art, I learned more about being an artist from five year olds than I did from all my studio college courses combined. That kid-wisdom is the foundation of the adult group and corporate creative classes I teach today. My style of teaching isn’t FOR everyone but it’s specifically designed to REACH anyone that has an interest in reconnecting with the natural and judgment free art processes of their childhood. 

I used to “worry” people wouldn’t take me seriously teaching creative intuition and feeling over technique. Then two years ago I got a contract teaching engineers at Facebook. It taught me not only can I absolutely talk about those things, but people really need them.

If this resonates with you, I created an off-Instagram network called The HeART School. 

It’s a community of compassionate makers interested in heart focused creative classes. It’s all levels and backgrounds. Share your art. Chat with others. Get access to complimentary offerings with me to see if you like my style. Get discounts on paid workshops as well. Link is in bio to request an invite. No commitment. Unsubscribe any time. 💖✨2021 is the year we tap back into soul. If art is your soul language I feel fairly certain you’ll love The HeART School. Photo: @ilyerswatem


Click to Request Invite to the HeART School

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