Meet the Artists of Process Over Product Art Series!

7 artists with 7 media over 7 months.

I've curated 7 of my very favorite working artist-educators to share their medium of choice in a fun, relaxed art series! Join me April-October and discover new ways to interact with clay, acrylic, watercolor, collage, ink, mixed media, and resin. Fall in love with the process of making all over again. Read more about the artists below, and register for one or all of the sessions, HERE.

April: Laurie CarswellCreative Paper Art

Laurie Carswell a full-time collage artist living in Austin, Texas. A love for the creative process,the history and activity of the people and places around her guides her work in the studio. After teaching high school art and theatre for six years, she decided to leap and pursue her love of art making full-time bolstered by encouragement from her husband and family. The impulse to cut and tear paper lead her to discover the potential of paper collage to tell a story in layered landscapes and portraits much like a set in a play or performance. Incorporating personal pictures, hidden text, wedding invitations and keepsakes infuse her work with another layer of meaningful depth. As a former sculptor and set designer, this medium made perfect sense.

“I am inspired by God’s artistry in nature, architecture, and humanity. I see this in gradients in the sky, texture in buildings, stone, sunlit leaves, and individual faces and figures interacting. I am captivated by color shapes in clothing, water, and clouds. You might catch me taking pictures of sunsets around town. I’m crazy about magenta and turquoise wherever I can find them, but most of all I love the precious process of making art. Sitting in the midst of scraps of paper, shaping shadows, and tearing edges is where I find unlimited creative moments and delightful surprises. Collage is unpredictable and infinitely flexible.”


May: Jan Heaton, Watercolor/ Making Marks 

Jan Heaton is a watercolor artist represented by the Davis Gallery in Austin, along with art dealers and galleries in San Antonio, Marble Falls, Atlanta, Santa Barbara, and San Francisco. Her paintings celebrate nature, and then abstractly reach beyond the obvious. Jan teaches watercolor at The Contemporary Austin Art School, Anderson Ranch, and  the Peninsula School of Art. Jan will have a solo exhibition of new work opening September 26, 2020 at the Davis Gallery.


June: Caitlyn McKey, Discovering Textures with Clay 

Caitlyn is deeply interested in the mindful properties of artmaking, flow, and how they can be used in daily practices. She believes that slowing down the process and focusing on the small moments can bring stillness, ease, and joy to artmaking. The focus of her interest began amidst a particularly stressful semester during her undergraduate studies at the University of Hawaii. Caitlyn realized that when she placed her intention on the process of making and slowed down her pace (especially her thoughts), her levels of stress reduced significantly and she could actually find joy within the making process.

Since then, she’s moved to Austin, began her graduate studies at UT, taught mindfulness based art classes at the Cancer Rehabilitation Center, and has found ways of integrating mindful moments into the ceramics classes she’s taught at Laguna Gloria. In May of this year, Caitlyn will be preparing to graduate with an MA in Art Education from the University of Texas. Post-grad, she’s hoping to facilitate more mindfulness based art experiences wherever she can!


July: Rachelle Kearns, Mediations in Color

Stimulated by the study of abstract and lyrical expressionist art, Kearns explores compositional drama with an emphasis on repetition and process in a graceful and convincing manner. Her paintings present a moment that resides somewhere between the real and the artificial – like the illusion of wind and light seen through closed eyelids. Kearns' work displays an unerring sensitivity to line, color and form.

She is mesmerized by beautiful moments – not just because of the aesthetics, but because it stirs her soul and allows her to experience something beyond herself, something far greater than her own reality. These moments feel like inspired glimpses of truth and they are only found when she pauses long enough to take them in. Over the course of her career, Kearns' paintings have paid tribute to these moments found in our everyday experience; Light dancing on water, a floating bubble or the shimmer of a sparkling chandelier. Upon discovery, she has analyzed, pursued and honored these moments through  4 extensive bodies of work: the 'mercyscape', 'light', 'breakthrough' and 'bubbly' series of paintings.

Kearns was born and raised in Toronto, ON, Canada. She received her Bachelor of Arts at the University of Toronto with a specialist in Fine Arts and Art History as well as her Diploma in Art from Sheridan College. Kearns is an accomplished artist exhibiting in Canada, the U.S. and Switzerland. Her work has graced the pages of numerous magazines and HGTV shows as well as the walls of Tiffany & Co. worldwide.


August: Sharon Zeugin, Rhythm and Writing

Sharon Zeugin makes art, teaches, and facilitates workshops in her Austin, Texas Studio, and throughout the USA, Canada and Italy. In addition to being a faculty member of numerous international calligraphy conferences, Sharon teaches locally in her studio and at the Austin Contemporary Art School. Her award winning work appears in publications such as the Speedball Textbook, Letter Arts Review, The Calligrapher's Engagement Calendar, Somerset Studio Magazine, and the Lark Book,"The Art and Craft of Hand Lettering." In addition to teaching & exhibiting her work, she works as a graphic recorder and sketchnote artist.

Influenced by her training as a therapist, Sharon seeks to cultivate a safe classroom environment in which respect for body, mind and spirit are as important as skill building; where students are encouraged to experience art making as an experimental, intuitive and mindful practice. Whether teaching courses in traditional or contemporary calligraphy, mixed media art, art journaling, drawing, sketching or painting, Sharon's goal is to help students get over fear of the blank page. When she is not teaching, sketching or painting, Sharon is busy performing with Austin Samba School, swimming, dancing, walking, tandem biking with her husband.


September: Emily Eisenhart, Composition Through Color and Collage

Emily Eisenhart is a multidisciplinary artist and designer based in Austin, Texas. The daughter of an artist and anthropologist, she grew up with a paintbrush in one hand and a field book in the other. She is constantly exploring, and her work is heavily inspired by the textures, patterns, shapes, and natural colors around her. With a background in Anthropology, she approaches many of her projects as an ethnographer, diving deep into the culture of a place or brand to create dynamic, story-driven artwork. 

While painting and illustration are her forte, she often experiments with new styles and media. She has painted on all scales, from tiny portraits to 150-foot murals, and has designed everything from tour trucks to animated videos to apparel. Operating at the intersection of the design and art worlds, her work is simultaneously strategic and spontaneous.

Prior to opening her own studio, she cut her teeth at the world class design firm IDEO where she worked with clients such as Nike, Microsoft, and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. As an independent artist, she has collaborated with wide-ranging brands the likes of Starbucks, Keds, Madewell, Facebook, Outdoor Voices, and W Hotels, in addition to a diverse array of small and large clients around the country and in her home base of Austin.

Emily is hardwired as a collaborator, continually partnering with other creatives. She is the co-founder of an Austin-based all-female artist collective, Broad Studios, that often opens its doors to the community for workshops, events, and artisan markets.

Her work can be found at and on Instagram at @emily.eisenhart. Follow along on her latest projects, peek into her studio, and learn more about her process


October: Emily Cayton, Powdery Pigments & Iridescent Experiments

Emily Cayton is an artist / educator based in Austin, Texas.  She is the Associate Director of Education at The Contemporary Austin, a dual-site museum with a sculpture park and gallery space.  In 2019, she received the Outstanding Art Educator, Museum Division Award from the Texas Art Education Association. As a passionate advocate for arts education, Emily is a facilitator and curriculum author for the Creative Learning Initiative, a school district-wide program to integrate the arts across disciplines in collaboration with Mindpop.  Emily serves on the Advisory Board for Co-Lab Projects, an artist-run nonprofit organization dedicated to providing resources, education, and exhibition space to artists that produce contemporar works of art, installation, and performance. As a co-director, Emily runs Fancy Fancy, a mixed-use gallery and studio space in east Austin. Her artistic practice is fluid and multidisciplinary, and she often collaborates with her studio mate Andrea Faye Hyland.  

In the past, Emily worked at the Visual Arts Center and Texas Performing Arts, both at the University of Texas at Austin from 2010-2013.  She was a Graduate Research Assistant in the curatorial department of the Blanton Museum of Art. Prior to moving to Texas, she was a studio instructor and gallery teacher at the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art, Virginia Beach, Virginia.  

In 2012, she earned her MA in Art Education, Museum Education, from the University of Texas at Austin.  She earned her BFA and K-12 art teaching, certification from Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA in 2009.  


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