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Art as a Threshold - A Modern Vision Board Workshop

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“Vision is the Art of Seeing What is Invisible”

Prepare to honor the cross into 2022 with art-making. Learn mixed media techniques to create a fresh, modern take on vision boarding. Old School Vision Boarding was about identifying what we want. Modern Vision Boarding recognizes the things we want as symbols for much more. In this on-demand workshop, learn how to collect, arrange, and synthesize imagery. Use simple juxtaposition, mark-making and hand-lettering to build a vision for your year that truly reflects your inner and outer worlds for 2022.

When it is: 

Course access is emailed within 48 hours of purchase. (See how to gift an art course HERE.)


What it is:

  • A three part, virtual on-demand module that you can explore at your own pace
  • Unlimited access to Audio, Video and Visual materials that you can visit again and again
  • Exclusive access to Becca’s private virtual art community: The HeART School.
  • Community Share Upgrade: Share your work LIVE with others from the course, ask questions, and talk with Becca.

What it’s NOT:

  • A step-by-step tutorial on creating a vision board
  • Product focused. You might end up with beautiful work, but it won’t be the objective. The objective is to use the work as an anchor for reflecting on your inner world during the new year.

How it Works: 

  • Register and receive an email with suggested supplies to assemble. We will include links to some of Becca’s favorites, but please select what is most fun and/or cost effective for you. 
  • On January 29th, a course link will be emailed to you. Access all the materials at once, and go as slow or as quick through the material as you like.
  • Share your work in the complimentary HeART School Community
  • Upgrade the course and join a LIVE community sharing session, date TBD. Ask questions, see others’ work, and get feedback on your own vision board.

See how to gift an art course HERE