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Creative Paper Art
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Creative Paper Art
Creative Paper Art
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Creative Paper Art

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Creative Paper Art
Laurie Carswell

October 24, 2020
10:00am to 1:00pm 

Reconnect with the processes of making! Explore art processes in the spirit of being big kids again. This class is great for all levels, but created with first time artists in mind.

Laurie Carswell will share her medium of choice in a fun, relaxed online environment.  Fall in love with the process of making all over again.

Session will be held via an online teaching platform. Learn more about the session and our artist below!!

Unleash your creativity and come play with paper! You may cut sky blues out of denim ads and tear creamy white clouds out of wedding dresses!  The options for individual style and creativity are endless.  Laurie's collage art uses cut magazine pieces like a painter would use paint to build a playful landscape.  During this three hour virtual class, she will present the fundamentals of her process and give you a few helpful principles of color theory so you can complete your own landscape collage based on a photograph of your choice. In this class you will create a 4x4" landscape collage on canvas board ready to frame and display.  Laurie will also provide a handout with practical tips for making more creative paper art! Students can use their own supplies or pay a deposit to borrow supplies for the class. 


Laurie Carswell a full-time collage artist living in Austin, Texas.  A love for the creative process, the history and activity of the people and places around her guides her work in the studio.   After teaching high school art and theatre for six years, she decided to leap and pursue her love of art making full-time bolstered by encouragement from her husband and family. The impulse to cut and tear paper lead her to discover the potential of paper collage to tell a story in layered landscapes and portraits much like a set in a play or performance.  Incorporating personal pictures, hidden text, wedding invitations and keepsakes infuse her work with another layer of meaningful depth.  As a former sculptor and set designer, this medium made perfect sense. 

 “I am inspired by God's artistry in nature, architecture, and humanity.  I see this in gradients in the sky, texture in buildings, stone, sunlit leaves, and individual faces and figures interacting.  I am captivated by color shapes in clothing, water, and clouds.  You might catch me taking pictures of sunsets around town. I'm crazy about magenta and turquoise wherever I can find them, but most of all I love the precious process of making art.

Sitting in the midst of scraps of paper, shaping shadows, and tearing edges is where I find unlimited creative moments and delightful surprises. Collage is unpredictable and infinitely flexible.”