Process Over Product Art Series in Austin, TX - Borrelli Illustrations
Process Over Product Art Series in Austin, TX - Borrelli Illustrations
Process Over Product Art Series in Austin, TX - Borrelli Illustrations
Process Over Product Art Series in Austin, TX - Borrelli Illustrations
Process Over Product Art Series in Austin, TX - Borrelli Illustrations
Process Over Product Art Series in Austin, TX - Borrelli Illustrations
Process Over Product Art Series in Austin, TX - Borrelli Illustrations
Process Over Product Art Series in Austin, TX - Borrelli Illustrations
Borrelli Illustrations

Process Over Product Art Series in Austin, TX

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7 artists with 7 media over 7 months

Reconnect with the processes of making! Explore a variety of art processes in the spirit of being big kids again. This series is great for all levels, but created with first time artists in mind.

I've curated 7 of my very favorite working artist-educators to share their medium of choice in a fun, relaxed environment. Discover new ways to interact with clay, acrylic, watercolor, collage, ink, mixed media, and resin. Fall in love with the process of making all over again.

Sessions will be held monthly at my Austin studio, Lemon House. Register a la carte style, or get all seven sessions for a fantastic reduced price. All supplies and light refreshments included. Learn more about the sessions and artists below!

The Workshops!


May: "Watercolor/ Making Marks" with Jan Heaton

A two hour watercolor workshop for all levels, previous watercolor experience is not required. Painting on Fabriano 300# cold press watercolor paper, with Winsor Newton tube pigments, each student will complete five paintings that utilize basic watercolor techniques such as wet on wet, dry brush, bamboo pen drawing, monoprints, and more.  The course will focus on the various experimental tools that can be utilized to create a finished painting.  All materials will be supplied. Demonstrations, one-on-one instruction, and sharing what you have painted will provide the foundation for your exploration.  In this workshop you will:
  • Learn five basic watercolor techniques
  • Create five completed paintings on Fabriano paper
  • Learn to love watercolor even more and have some fun


JUNE: "Creative Paper Art" with Laurie Carswell

Unleash your creativity and come play with paper! You may cut sky blues out of denim ads and tear creamy white clouds out of wedding dresses!  The options for individual style and creativity are endless.  Laurie's collage art uses cut magazine pieces like a painter would use paint to build a playful landscape.  During this three hour class, she will present the fundamentals of her process and give you a few helpful principles of color theory so you can complete your own landscape collage based on a photograph of your choice.  All you need to bring is a sense of adventure and you will take home with you:

  • A 4x4 landscape collage on canvas board ready to frame and display
  • A handout with practical tips for making more creative paper art
  • A gift to share of Laurie Carswell's collage art


June: "Discovering Textures in Clay" with Caitlyn McKey

Caitlyn believes that we hold wisdom throughout our bodies. Similar to the old saying “trust your gut,” this class will allow you to tap into the wisdom held within your hands and reconnect you to that same sense of trust. Our hands are one of the greatest sources of information gathering our body has, so through using our hands to guide our art practice we gain a deeper sense of connection to ourselves. Let your mind rest and your hands do the thinking. In this workshop you will:
  • Explore how textures can be made on clay through various preselected materials and techniques
  • Learn basic hand building clay techniques like wedging and slip/scoring
  • Hand build pottery and incorporate your favorite newly discovered texture into a design on your piece!

July: "Meditations in Color" with Rachelle Kearns

Painting that encourages pause, reflection and rest. 

Rachelle's 'mercyscape' paintings explore the notion that mercy is like light. Moved by this analogy, she has spent more than a decade researching the properties of light in her work. Her paintings are executed in a graceful and convincing manner using compositional drama with an emphasis on repetition and process. This workshop is designed to invite you into snippets of her painting process which encourages pause, reflection and rest.

During this workshop you will:

  • Explore themes and walk through a step-by-step process to paint your very own 'mercyscape'.
  • Walk away with a completed painting on canvas and a heap of new techniques and insight into the endless possibilities of acrylic painting. 


August: "Rhythm and Writing" with Sharon Zeugin

Rhythm is the dynamic heartbeat of the gestural act of writing, and the underlying architecture of its forms and structure. Through rhythm exercise we can bring coherency to our handwriting while laying the foundation for more formal calligraphy studies. This workshop is for anyone who can hold a pencil and has the desire to create more interesting, lively lines in their personal writing style. In this workshop you will:

  • Learn a practical approach for improving handwriting and creating informal calligraphy.
  • Practical handouts for ongoing reference and guidance.
  • A small “journalette” of one’s practice. New understanding of simple tools: graphite pencils & brush markers.



September: "Composition Through Color and Collage" with Emily Eisenhart

Collage is all about spontaneous experimentation. Get visually inspired by the materials in front of you to create dynamic compositions, experimenting with a variety of subject matter, colors, and layouts. This workshop is about the process more so than the product, giving you the unique chance to peek into an artist's mind and approach. The work made during the workshop can turn into framed pieces of art or perhaps be used as inspiration for larger paintings—Emily’s large-scale murals often start as tiny paint chip cut out collages! All supplies will be provided. Come let your imagination run wild.
In this workshop Emily will:
  • Lead you through the theory and practice of developing color palettes
  • Planning a composition
  • Choosing materials and defining a theme
  • Sketching a composition and layering the elements on a paper collage of your own

October: "Powdery Pigments & Iridescent Experiments" with Emily Cayton

Play with mixed media and layering techniques in this multifaceted studio workshop. Experiment with iridescent powdered pigments to create your own unique palette and leave with 4-6 works on paper. Try different mark making tools and a range of paper types, and enjoy the surprises along the way. Each artist will learn the tools and techniques individually, then combine them for dazzling results. No experience necessary, just an open mind and willingness to experiment.

In this workshop you will:

  • Work with a variety of iridescent powdered pigments
  • Learn use of different tools to create different marks and textures
  • Leave with 4-6 works on paper

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