Jeremiah Hurta

Allow me to introduce you to Jerry. He is an artist, Austinite, and most importantly… my friend. We met 5 years ago through the local art community, because we share similar graphic styles of drawing. Back then, he was selling his work to collectors through partnerships with the Community First Village and Art from the Streets in order to pull himself into permanent housing.

Jerry is my inspiration. Through a tenacity I’ve never seen, coupled with a tremendous positive attitude, he now resides in his own home with his partner in South Austin. From there he continues to make prolific amounts of beautiful work, and share his magical vision with others.

No doubt this year has hit all artists… but especially artists formerly/ currently on the streets. If you have been considering purchasing original work, I’d like to invite you to consider investing in a piece from him, through this limited time offer on my web-store. 

For the next next few months, we will be selling limited edition prints and 11 original illustrations directly from Jerry. All proceeds will go directly to him. If you enjoy his work, but are unable to purchase at this time, please consider sharing with others.

Thank you friends. The artist community that surrounds us is some of the finest I’ve known, and your attention to this truly amazing person and his art means a lot to both of us.