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How do you feel about murals colored by the community rather than an artist? Cool? Cop out? Both? Jason and I just took a staycation in Austin, and one of the things I got around to doing: Interactive Coloring at Hope Outdoor Gallery. 

Over the years Hope has become less and less a forum for serious street artists, moving more towards interested tourists tagging their names. One artist I ran into told me (with a noted tone of disdain), I could expect my work to be painted on within the hour. 

I will say when I left, I watched people out of the corner of my eye hone in for pictures (flattering) but also many had paint cans. Who knows. I admittedly had to get over the feeling that maybe I didn't deserve to be there. I'm a COLORING BOOK ILLUSTRATOR. Would legit street artists be annoyed at my presence? If so, I didn't notice, and had an absolute blast. 

I showed up on July 4th in the thick of the lunch time heat with my paint markers. After priming some real estate at the top of the park with blue, I drew a quick 20 minute doodle of the skyline. 

Passersby's of all ages and backgrounds colored a portion. I don't remember names but I can tell you all kinds of details:

A musician from Denton, a designer from NY, lots of Dallas and Houstonites in town for holiday, a couple from Chicago visiting their newly transplanted son, and KIDS. The kids were honestly the hardest workers. One 7 year old braved the scorching cement to get the large dark blue chunks of sky done. 

We used purples because: Violet Crown! It got too hot, and I abandoned it early, but it was a great first attempt! Check out the photos and let me know what you think. I hope to get back soon (when it's cooler!) One hundred degree coloring ain't no joke y'all. 








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