Desert Goddess Series

Desert Goddess Series

Working on these pieces have given me a chance to relive wild space... indoors. I had been hoping to take another west Texas trip this year before it got hot. For now, taking trips through drawing is certainly magical enough.

The piece displayed above is "Air Goddess", one of five new pieces inspired by the desert magic of Big Bend National Park. The reason I love the desert is the S P A C E.

As a kid I always felt like I was “too much.” Too sensitive. Too many feelings. I got the message whether intentional or not, that good girls don’t take up space. I spent the first 30 years of my life trying to be as tiny and crammed and easy for everyone else as possible.

This piece is a visual mantra for the next 30 years. I want to take up so much space people won’t know where I end and the world begins.

The Goddess Series highlights the endless inspiration that can be found in nature. The strength of our goddess within, rooted through the earth, enveloped by air, enriched by water, hardened by fire, can be found from the simplest act of taking a breath and opening our eyes to our Mother Earth. What inspires your inner goddess?

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