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Have you ever wondered what goes on in one of Becca's classes? Here is just one magic story she shared recently: 

"At last night’s Drawing for Comfort session, one of the participants shared she was healing from a recent hip replacement surgery. Perfect time for some comforting art, right? The first slide shows marks that emerged as she engaged with soothing styles of drawing. She wasn’t in love with the black shapes initially, and confessed to the group she was unsure how to develop them.

We explored an optional collage component in the second half of the session, and she felt pulled to include this striking fish image gazing outward. The black from the image instantly made her black marks “fit,” so she added more! Listening to her comfort and intuition ultimately led to a piece she was very happy with, yet hadn’t planned.

This morning she shared the piece with a friend. The friend sent over photos of bone tissue! Swirls full of black shapes. WOW. Y’all. Wow. Scroll to see some. We don’t need to “know how to draw” to make beautiful, compelling imagery like this. This is one of the foundations of HeART School courses. If that speaks to you, consider requesting a complimentary invite by emailing Scope out works from others and get access to free offerings. 


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